Your certified translations for UK NARIC services

Here at Dialexy we are extremely proud to have been appointed the official UK NARIC partner for certified translation. The National Recognition Information Centre (UK NARIC) is the national organisation responsible for providing information on qualifications and skills from abroad. 

If the documents you need for your UK NARIC application are not in English then you may need to provide a certified translation. Dialexy certified translations are fast, affordable and suitable for UK NARIC.


Will Dialexy translations be accepted by UK NARIC?

Dialexy is a specialist certified translation service that focuses on translation for the education and immigration sectors. We have been closely working with UK NARIC since 2018 and are regulars at its conferences and training events. This increased our expertise even more in our specialist fields and also allowed us to tailor our services so that they are perfectly suited to your UK NARIC applications. This is why Dialexy is the only recommended partner for certified translations.

How do I get a certified translation for a UK NARIC application?

It’s very simple! Our platform follows a similar process as your UK NARIC application and consists of four main steps:

  1. Tell us which service you are applying for and the language(s) of your document(s).
  2. Upload a scan or photo of the document(s) that you need translated and select the specific pages.
  3. Wait for a few seconds to get an instant no-obligation quote and delivery date.
  4. If you are happy with your quote, you just need to review your order and pay!

We will send you updates as we complete your translations but you can also track progress from your account at any time.


Which UK NARIC services are available in your platform?

Dialexy can provide you with certified translations for any UK NARIC application. In our platform you can choose from the following UK NARIC services:

  • Statement of Comparability
  • Statement of Comparability for Construction Skills
  • Visas and Nationality Service
  • Early Years Service
  • English Language Assessment
  • Career Path Report

If you require translations for any other UK NARIC service not listed above, please get in touch to discuss how we can help.

Which languages does Dialexy certified translation service cover?

Thanks to our network of top certified translators from around the world, you can order translations in more than 50 languages and have them back within just a few days. Head over to our platform to see the full list.


If you have any questions about this service, you can read our FAQs here. To learn more about us, feel free to get in touch or go to our website.

Upload your document(s)

To apply for you will need to provide UK NARIC with certified translations of the document(s) specified below. You can upload as many qualifications and pages as you need to in each category. In the next step you will be able to select the specific pages that you would like translated. Make sure that the scans or photos you upload are legible and show the full page.

If any of your documents are already in English, then you will not require these to be translated. You can just leave that category empty and continue with your order.

If all of your documents are already in English, then head over to UK NARIC directly to start your application.

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